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Career Assistance

Aptech Study Abroad believes in 3 C’s of life: Choices, Chances and Changes A chance never taken will never let you know whether your life can change from that chance or not. Aptech Study Abroad offers that interesting and innovative career guidance along with practical experience that allures the potential applicants to take the chance to craft their own career.

Aptech Study Abroad has visa solution for everyone who is seeking to enhance their career possibilities in their field of expertise by migrating abroad in a better and competitive market condition.

Here comes Aptech Study Abroad to mentor and guide the potential students to help them decide which country to study in, which course will have the better chances of a good career, which career is highly in demand abroad, which university is recognized and has the highest placement records.
The above mentioned questions can make any potential student climb up the wall because they are highly daunting at times and as an educational service provider we can totally understand the pain.

Thus, Aptech Study Abroad gives special emphasis to your priorities and assists you keeping in mind your dreams and ambitions that ultimately we too want to see fulfilled!

Aptech Study Abroadprovides following services that ultimately help students:

  • To plan their career in detail by providing the solutions and alternatives with detailed pros and cons
  • To help students decide the most favourable stream and course to progress after their graduation
  • If a student is already enrolled in a particular stream, and wants to change their prospective stream, Aptech Study Abroad gives vital assistance
Program/Course Selection

A good course can either make or break your career! A course selection is thus, one of the most pivotal decisionstaken by the student. Once, a decision is made on the type of study you want to pursue, you will have to start researching for the different courses online offered by different universities and thousand courses to choose from. This can be quite confusing, as there can be chances of same courses offered by different universities under same name.

How Aptech Study Abroad assists the potential students on deciding a program or course?

If you desire to study abroad, we are here to help you through following ways:

  • Our personal interaction methods and aptitude test provides the clear picture about your true blue potential to help you identify the right course selection on the basis of your preferences, profile, and financial strength
  • We help you in identifying the best program suitable as per your education field
  • We provide a comprehensive quality checking process of our clients
  • We provide one-to-one personalized counselling session that further helps the client to decide the best country and course
  • We also give assistance in preparing for a suitable Statement of Purpose for your admission procedure
University Selection

After deciding which course you want to study, the next step in the line is to list the different type of institutions that offers your selected course. The key criteria through which universities are selected includes finances, personal references, locations, scholarship, accommodation, campus facilities, academic credentials and courses.
As it is important to select the right course, it is even more important to decide the right university.

As an educational consultant, we provide assistance by:

  • Helping you decide the best possible university of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand on the basis of your course selection
  • The student counsellor discuss the key criteria like finances, courses, locations etc. to discuss the different opportunities
  • Our partnerships with world-class universities of Australia, New Zealand and Canada help us to arrange certain scholarships that further help the students in deciding their university
  • We take decisions on your behalf by analysing your profile, requirements and the best destination for your education

Scholoarship Assistance

Almost everyone dream of studying abroad but only few are able to afford it! Studying is a high financial investment and thus, as per today market condition, scholarships are available to the students for all major universities in all major countries. The scholarships are provided to the students who are highly meritorious, who belong to minority group or a low income family.
Scholarships help students to get admission to the most treasured universities of the world. Not only this, it makes education affordable to the aspiring students. There can be different kinds of scholarships offered such as Merit based, need based, student specific, stream and career specific.

Aptech Study Abroad assists you with all the necessary information about the different kinds of scholarships available and the procedure to apply. The student counsellor can help you in deciding the best possible scholarship that suits your needs and profile.

The counsellor keeps on updating scholarships as and when they are available. Not only this, the counsellors help the students in managing finances for overseas education. The assistance is provided to get settlement in the most convenient, timely and cost-effective way.

Visa Assistacne

One of the most important and crucial service provided by Aptech Study Abroad, we don’t want to take any chances with your application file denial. Thus, we have the team of extremely qualified members that are dedicated and efficient.
Aptech Study Abroad provides free visa counselling. The team lays emphasis on visa file preparation as well as mock interview training as well.

We are the one stop zone for all your visa requirements and thus, have the best success rate at present and constant efforts are put in by the visa experts to bring the success rate to 100 per cent.
We provide the in-depth knowledge about the visa documentation and accurate data information about the immigration rules and procedure for the students to make their application successful.

Test Preparation Guidance

Aptech Study Abroad is not English Language proficiency test centre that conducts language proficiency exams but provides the free IELTS module test papers to help students in their language exam by studying the module papers provided by us. We help the students to be proficient in their subjects and English language skills.

Aptech Study Abroad assists the students about the different language requirement score needed by the students to enrol themselves for a particular course in their chosen university. There are some universities that require you to register to enter or sit for linguistic examination. Also, there are some universities that ask to register way before the official starting date. The visa specialists at Aptech provide the students with the important information on the procedure of registration and the dates of the language test.

Pre Departure Assitance

The students feel jitters and nervousness in starting their new life in different corner of the world. Aptech Study Abroad thus organizes pre-departure seminars for you as well as your parents to discard any fear or doubts before the students actually fly to their universities. We give a detailed description about what to do, whom to contact after reaching your university. The visa experts put all efforts in leaving no stone unturned to make sure that you reach your college/university without any difficulty.

Post Landing Services

Aptech Study Abroad does not end its association after the students land at their respective destinations. Instead, the visa experts are always available to the students whenever they require. The purpose of round the clock assistance is to ensure that students are living hassle free in their campus. The facility we provide includes airport pick-ups, accommodation, insurance, foreign exchange, medical provisions etc.

Aptech Study Abroad is always motivated to provide the best services and assistance to its clients who are genuinely in need of a good and reputed student immigration consultancy. We provide excellent services to build a life-long bond with our potential clients. If you wish to avail our services for student migration programs, our doors are always open to help you with smallest of your query.

Get connected to one of our team of experts by calling at 7503832132 or simply dropping an e-mail at